Finding the dot

My blog is one of thousands and thousands out there in the internet ether. To  me it is wonderfully important. I spend so much time and effort in writing my blogs, saving items that I know will be worthwhile for future posts and commenting on books I have read, videos  I have seen and people who I admire.

I am aware that my blog is just a dot in the blogosphere. That means it is important that there is a means to make sure that my posts are picked up on the radar of blog readers out there who are, like me, constantly scanning the sphere for discoveries of a site, once unknown that contains something really worthwhile.

Every now and again I find a real gem. I make sure that I follow the site immediately because, once lost in the “noise” of the blogosphere it may never be found again. I use Twitter links as a way of finding some really good sites and from time to time there are lists that come out which point me to some excellent material.

The other way that I get links to sites is through the inevitable Google search. This major search engine is the reason why I receive so much of the traffic on my own site. Recently I have had a number of hits for my site for some of my older posts (my Poem about Haiti has continued to have a slow but steady following).

Having a WordPress blog ( just another one) I get some really good data on the number of hits my site gets and also what searches brought people to my blog. Yesterday was quite a good day for me… my latest post (Google School) was popular… but there were a number of hits from searches on Google. There were also a number of links used from my posts.

Search Views
sarah kay b poem 2
are kids getting stupid becasue of technology? 2
handwriting key to learning 2
short haitian poems 2
should school allow mobile phones 1
reasons phones should be used in class 1
sarah kay spoken poetry 1
inspiritational poems for haiti 1
sarah kay spoken word 1
sarah kay b words 1
salman khan video 1
greg mortenson idea for pennies for peace 1
salman khanvideo 1
problems with gaokao 1
the world is open curtis bonk 1
speech on making a positive contribution 1
top 15 ted talks 1
why they should allow cell phone in school 1
david crystal twitter 1
certificate of participation nasa 1
the last lecture rhetorical 1
how to learn because 1
reasons allow cell phones in school 1
nyanzasun odenyo review education 1
Total views referred by search engines 28

I find the data fascinating in that it shows just how much we rely on Google and then links within blogs as a source of information. Helping us find a dot, hopefully a useful one, in the universe.


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