Eric Whitacre’s TED Talk 2011

When I first heard about Eric Whitacre appearing at TED 2011 I was very much looking forward to it. Living a few thousand miles away and unlikely ever to have the money to afford to go to the event myself, I knew that I had to rely on the release of the video.

Today the video was released and the talk was not a disappointment in any way.

I had come across “Lux Aurumque” on YouTube a few months ago and loved it. This was very much a departure from the traditional idea of a choir in a great hall. It used new technology to link a great human invention… the first instrument… their voice to social networking…. voices singing a composed piece of music… made up of individuals from all over the world recording in their own houses, apartments. It was nothing short of amazing and inspiring.

In the talk Whitacre tells us about the soon to be released  “Sleep” and showed a preview of the video (which will go viral in no time at all!!).

He got two standing ovations and they were well deserved. Another wonderful talk from the amazing TED collection.


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