Bedtime Maths

Rubik's Cube
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Whilst researching the Google way of working for a forthcoming post I discovered a really interesting blog post called “There’s no place like home for math education”  .

This was written by a “Googler” (as they are called) by the name of Roni Zeiger on the Official Google Blog.

She links to a report that states that early skills in mathematics are a better indicator of children’s future academic success than reading.

In respect of this idea she states: “My daughter and I have a bedtime routine where we read a story and also make up mathematical word problems that we solve together”.

On reading this I wondered whether there was anyone else “out there” who had tried this and whether this had made a significant difference to the child’s mathematical ability and progress as they grew up and generally, in terms of academic success.

I certainly like the idea and feel that it makes a real difference from reading or telling a story. What do you think?


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