Videoconferencing: what it adds to education

I have recently been doing some research for some training that I shall be doing in June about Information Literacy.

I wanted to incorporate social media, video, podcasting and of course videoconferencing. I therefore did the inevitable Google search and found a wonderful video and webpage from a school in London called Northwood Primary.

The page and video can be found here:

I have to admit that it was an exciting video to watch. Here were children connecting with countries all over the world and there was learning going on about their cultures as well as giving the children the chance to show children from other parts of the world what constitutes the culture of Britain now.

On the webpage is the following image:

As it says: clicking on the picture produces a wealth of other information about videoconferencing.

This is an exciting use of a powerful educational tool by an innovative school and, to me, a great find.


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