Test for political leaders

Good morning . Please sit down as quietly as possible. I will now read out the following rules.

(1) You may not have any internet enabled or phone device (punishment…if found, immediate departure from office). Paper and pen or pencil only allowed (dictionaries allowed)

(2) YOU MUST NOT TALK (that may prove incredibly difficult!)

(3) You must sit alone in a position where you cannot see anyone else’s work (punishment for transgression as stated previously)

(4) Please put your hand up if:

(a) Need to go to the toilet (bathroom)(you will be accompanied all the way… you wouldn’t cheat would you?)

(b) Need extra paper to write on (if you write as we know you can speak we can cut down some more trees!!)

(5) Do not open the test paper until until the time on the clock says exactly 10.00 (punishment paper torn up and cameras invited in to witness for later public viewing)

I will read out the one and only question just in case any of you have trouble reading (if so you should have made special arrangements beforehand using the official processes).

How I understand the 21st century and how I will bring an appropriate education to all children

Time allowed: One hour

Your time starts now and so does theirs.




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