Why should schools blog?

I have two reasons for writing this post.

Firstly, I did some research for a video that represented the views of children in school about the value of blogging to them and found the excellent video above which has a clever mix of children’s ideas set to some really imaginative animation that compliments what they are saying so well.

Secondly, I have just been asked by a colleague to use my experience as a blogger myself to address a group of pupils at a local secondary school on the advantages of blogging… so I thought I’d start by showing them just how I actually blog and create a post.

I want them to experience the joy of the writing process and to see how you can express your ideas, your passions and your interests using a blog. I really hope that I m able to pass on my enthusiasm for blogging to them and maybe, just maybe, one pupil will become switched on to the joys of self-expression that blogging can bring, to the communication with others that it can become and for the  power  in the idea that your words are being read by someone maybe thousands of miles away and that it may educate them, move them or even upset them, but at the very least it is creating a connection with them.

I shall of course be writing a post in the future to report on my success (or failure) with this project.


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