The blogging opposition in education

As part of the educational bloggers community I read every day about fellow bloggers who are voicing their concerns about developments in education both in my own country and in the U.S.A.

I read about the way that teachers are being fired or threatened with the sack because of test results. I read about the concerns with the type of education that is being promoted by the administration s in both countries and by the money that supports a certain view of education that comes from people with huge amounts of disposable cash  like Bill Gates.

I have just read a post that states that the mass media are influenced by the people who have a view of education that supports intensive testing and direct instruction. Somehow the voice of the opposition does not get the airing that it warrants and therefore the public is getting a skewed view of the debate.

In the past there would have been very little chance of any other message getting across unless it was through the few “liberally minded”  papers or T.V. stations. Now though we have bloggers who shout out their message for their readers to read and pass on via social media and the use of powerful search engines such as Google.

Posts such as “We’re Not Getting Paid” by Kirsten Olson can help to spread an alternative message. It may not be the Huffington Post or be funded by the Gates Foundation but it allows a different message to get “out there”.

The blogging community combined and collaborating has a growing and increasingly powerful voice… if you feel concerned about these issues then maybe you should consider using blogging as a means to express your point of view and make the whisper into a call into a shout into a bellow that says “there is a different way!”


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