Google Doodles

On Thursday, my wife was on her laptop when I heard the strumming of a guitar. I asked her where the sound was coming from and she said that it was from the playable Les Paul Google Doodle

I have seen these wonderful “Doodles” on many occasions and this latest one was such an innovative idea, I just had to get it up on my own netbook and strum along! I noticed that there was also a recording device so I could explore some ideas and then record them.

This was yet another example of Google’s ability to “think differently”. A while back I wrote a post about how it might be if Google were run like a school (see “Google School”). The sheer innovation, ability to explore ideas in a creative manner and then share the ideas for all the world to see (it must be a large proportion of it since it’s Google!) is something I feel that schools would benefit greatly  from. Instead of Google being run like a school… maybe schools should be run like Google!

The photograph below is one of the winners of the “Doodle4 Google” competitions, where schoolchildren can let their imaginations flow and design and create a Google Doodle that will appear for one day and be seen by literally tens of millions of people. What a great idea and what a great opportunity.To get an idea about this process please see the video below:

Google have their critics but I am constantly amazed at the free online materials that they have available and the way that they are always looking to innovate, design, create and think outside the box…. keep it coming please.


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