When perfection is achieved

The fight was worth it. The Educational Fixer leant back and admired the sheet of paper in his hand. The paper stated that every school in the land was now perfect. The students in every school were all A students and had achieved previously unimaginable results in their tests.

It had not been easy. There were fights with unions, mass sacking of teachers, debates on the mass media and they needed a bit of help from some friends in high places. He was looking forward to his starring role in the new documentary film “No More Need For Superman”.

There was though a small problem. There had been rumblings from industry and commerce. The products of the schools were like robots, they could give you an answer but not formulate a question. They could write a report about what was but not dream up what might yet be.

There were reports that China had changed from an intensive test system because it produced robots who could mend and make but only to specifications developed elsewhere. They considered the need for creativity important whilst the fixer had seen creativity literally squeezed out of the system.

There was little music in the schools, there was little joy, there was no spontaneity and dreams were not allowed inside the gates. The new teachers were efficient at getting results but could not (or would not) take any further steps.

The fixer stared at his paper again and considered his victory. He had produced a school system that was as good as it could be… why was the rest of the world not beating a path to his door? Why were they looking eastwards? Why did his son never sing?


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