The power of the arts

I am an avid follower of Sir Ken Robinson. yesterday I received a a Tweet that read:

Youth Arts Transforms Lives – FACT! Take a look at this important resource from @artsworkLtd

This led me to a report from an arts project which was titled : Youth Arts Transforms Lives.. Artswork National Campaign 2011

In this report you will read how the arts acted as a transformation agent for so many young people who were fortunate enough to have access to it. There are many personal statements in the report… here are just a few:

“Sonic (db) has offered young people a chance, sometimes for the first time in their lives, to be a success.”

Dave Tyler, a prison governor commented:

“The project has enabled young men who often experience difficulty in expressing themselves constructively, to present themselves in a very positive and talented manner. They have been able to demonstrate their social awareness and an ability to work constructively as a team.”

A participant commented:

Sonic (db)’s a good opportunity for us to forward ourselves. I’m a person who’s got something to say. When I’m in my cell I write down my lyrics… the lyrics are like my reflection on the world and I haven’t been able to move them from my cell and do something like show other people… you know what I’m saying… you get to express yourself.”

I think that this project is a great example, if one were needed, of the power of the arts. They are not an expensive addition to the curriculum that can be dropped in economically hard times. They are a means to allow our pupils expression, build up confidence, allow for collaboration and interaction… problem solve and come up with new ideas.

We must defend and promote  the arts for all our sakes.



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