The importance of trust

It’s the same old story… YouTube is blocked and so are so many other potentially powerful learning sites.

Why? Because we do not trust the user to actually use the sites responsibly. Someone, somewhere has made a decision about our potential behaviour.

I can come along and say.. look I am a responsible person, I would not spend my time looking at porn or unpleasant videos showing racism, sexism or bigotry. Do the checks… I have a good record, I passed my CRB, I have no prison record, there is no prior record of downloading dodgy material.

You will counter by saying that you cannot do this thing on a case by case basis and that there may be many who suffer but the door remains closed to the bad ones,  the criminals, the ones who would demean, degrade, pervert, destroy. You say that this is the only way to keep our children safe.

I say that they can go home and access the bad stuff, if they want to any time they like.

That is their personal choice, you state.

But in the end it all boils down to one simple thing: YOU DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE

Your idea is that people will do the nasty and the negative and yes, some of them will, but actually, most of them won’t. So the schools, colleges, universities that have allowed access to Youtube and “Facebook” are not corrupting our values, they are showing TRUST.

I believe that we must start from a positive idea and not a negative one. We trust the children to use the system effectively. We teach them about the dangers, we monitor their use, but we do not act as censors. Our main premise is: WE TRUST YOU. If they betray that trust then let them know and let everyone else who is a part of their community know because they have broken the trust of everyone in that community.

Trust is an important thing for us to teach our children, banning something gives it a certain kudos that invites them to try it. Let it be free and open in their place of learning and trust them to use it wisely in their best interests.


2 thoughts on “The importance of trust

  1. Agree… I am a You Tube user along with many other online sites. Searches can reveal many hits for my name. It can be seen I don’t join negative sites nor do I write offensive posts. I see it as a responsibility when working with children to keep them safe but not cotton-wooled. You Tube does have protection levels such as unlisted (only those with a link) and private (a link and approved). Such use would open up new ways of learning.

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