Updating Bloom’s Taxonomy for the digital age

A few weeks ago I received a link to an excellent infographic called  “Google Tools To Support  Bloom’s revised Taxonomy” by Kathy Schrock.

This is an excellent way of getting you to think how the tools created by Google fit into the revised taxonomy with Google Search and G Mail coming into the first order of  remembering skills and  iGoogle, YouTube,  Google Documents and Picasa coming into the highest order, creating skills.

Today I received a  link to an excellent document by Andrew Churches which attempts to put the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy into the digital age.

It is really well written and has good explanations of the different skills in the Bloom’s hierarchy, relating these to the kind of skills that could and should be made available for students in the digital age that we have moved into.

An example can be seen here:

Applying and Digital Activities
Applying Possible activities
Using information, concepts and ideas in
another familiar situation (Using strategies,
concepts, principles and theories in new
Implementing, carrying out, using,
executing, doing, running, loading,
playing, operating, hacking, uploading,
sharing, editing.
Illustration (Corel, inkscape, GIMP, Paint,
online tools, Comic creation tools  – comic
life, historic tale construction kit, hyper
Simulation (Floor map, graphic tools,
google sketchup, Crocodile software
simulating science experiments, Global
conflict – Palestine )
Sculpture or Demonstration
(Presentation, graphics, screen capture,
audio and video conferencing)
Presentation – impress, Simple DTP
product, powerpoint, google presentation,
Zoho presentation, skype, interactive
whiteboard collaboration using etools, audio
and video conferencing
Interview (Word Processing, mind mapper,
podcast, vodcast, audacity, sound recorder,
collaboration using etools, skype)
Performance (Podcast, vodcast, film, audio
and video conferencing, VoIP, audio
recording, speech, Powerpoint Show,
collaboration using etools)
Editing – video and sound tools, Wiki
editing, Simple DTP product. Developing a
shared document
Playing – mmorpg’s online games,
simulations like Global Conflicts Palestine

This to me is the kind of discussion about the use of digital tools that teachers and administrators  should be reading, critiquing and adding to. It is surely not whether we use these tools any more but how we do so and how we can assess children’s progression in their use. This document is a powerful step forward in allowing us to formulate the essential skills that ought to underpin a 21st century education.

Well done to Andrew Churches.



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