Adam Bellow’s #140 Conference talk

This talk is an absolute gem. In 15  minutes Adam delivers a great talk at speed about the state of technology in education.

It is funny, informative, hard-hitting and perceptive and the sort of talk that administrators, teachers and politicians should be watching.

I especially liked his comments on the use of mobile technology in schools. I have been going on about this myself for quite a while yet Adam is able to make the argument forcefully and well in just a few minutes.

This is truly a talk to enjoy and would have graced any of the similarly timed “TED” talks (maybe they will be looking at it for future reference).

Can I also take this opportunity to once again recommend Adam’s excellent website called “EduTecher” which has some excellent videos and reviews of many great free and downloadable programs.



One thought on “Adam Bellow’s #140 Conference talk

  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome Talk by Adam Bellows. It would be great to share with the whole staff at a pd session or staff meeting. Incredible to watch the changes in 15years on his slideshow.
    Verona Gridley

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