Embracing change

A New Culture of Learning : graphic recording ...
Image by kateruttr via Flickr

“The Twenty-first century is about embracing change not fighting it”

Quote from “A New Culture of Learning” by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown

As the new school year gets underway here in Britain where I live I think that my best advice for teachers would be to adhere to the quote above from an excellent book that I am reading electronically on my netbook and android phone using Kindle Apps for the very first time.

What I would love to see in the next year is more and more teachers realising that we have now moved into a new learning age and that they can embrace the digital world and bring it into their classroom.

As I have read the pages of the book I have become excited by the potential of the new “Learning Age” to change the way we live our lives at home but also at school.

The place to start for teachers is the on-button in their mind. Switching off is so easy to do…. I won’t need to use that, it won’t work, the old ways are the best ways.

Try it.. switch on and experiment….. download kindle and see how you can take notes, highlight, search and interact with others. Try to look at Wikipedia as a work in constant progress with many mistakes (but then again so has Encyclopedia Britannica), do what I did and start a blog (at home and maybe when you’re confident at school with the children), let the children use a video camera and explain to you how to use their iPad…. let the shutters down and join in the conversation.



One thought on “Embracing change

  1. Hi Malcolm

    Thanks for the mention.

    I couldn’t agree more. What has proved really successful at my school has been encouraging teachers to try one new thing at a time.No pressure, no forcing anyone, acknowledging that everyone is at a different level… and providing lots of support for people when they are ready to take the next step. Even the most reluctant adopters are taking steps in the right direction through this approach. It’s about getting people to switch on that ‘on button’ in their minds and realise that you don’t need to know everything before you can start, you can learn along the way.


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