Storycorps 9/11 animated short films

Yesterday was a difficult day for so many people. Like so many, I remembered where I was on that fateful day that so many people died in the iconic twin towers of the World Trade Building, in trying to rescue the victims of the horrific attack, on the airplanes that crashed into the towers and seemed to do so for hours and hours on that day as we (here in Britain where I live) watched on with horror at the events in New York.

I am a follower of the wonderful Open Culture website and followed the link to a short animated film made by the amazing StoryCorps organisation. The video above is one of three excellent short films that can be seen on the StoryCorps website which have been specially made to commemorate the 9/11 10th anniversary. They are actual stories from people who either survived or lost loved ones on that terrible day. As the organisation says in its site: “Storycorps is recording one story for every life lost on 9/11”.

These powerful and moving stories are just three of the stories that have been recorded so far for the complete list see:

I feel that understanding of the horror of an event needs to be at a human level. To try and understand what that horrible event meant to New York, The U.S. and the world just listen to these moving testaments.

America can certainly be proud that it as an organisation like StoryCorps and it is to be hoped that its excellent work will continue.



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