How to learn the times tables

I think it is so important for children to have knowledge and ability to use their times tables.

I found this wonderful example of a great teacher Jill Mansergh showing Teacher Trainees how to use a counting stick to learn their 17 times tables!

The important things to notice are the way that she links previous learning about any number times ten, doubles and relationships…. I loved the use of the term “here is the key” for the three times 17 and then the use of doubling for 6 X   17. There was even a use of “here’s one I can never remember”.

It had all the essential elements to learning the tables… fun, repetition, and application of known mental skills. I also liked the fact that she expressed that it was learning in a safe environment….. it was O.K. to go wrong as long as you realised why and could correct yourself.

This is a great example of teaching using a simple device (the Counting Stick) and  I would recommend it to any trainee teacher or experienced teacher who is scratching their head and wondering how to get the children to learn those times tables!”


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