Reuters images of 2011

Reuters have come out with a selection of photographs that they have had taken during 2011.

I suppose the one that resonated the most with me was this:

This is a convenience store in Hackney, East London, being ransacked by rioters. It meant a lot to me because I was born and bred in Hackney and still live just thirty miles away.

It was one photograph though in a whole series of photos taking us from the depths of human misery to the occasional remarkable beauty that this planet has for all of us.

The pictures reminded me of just how powerful a still photograph can be…. and the statement that “a picture tells a thousand stories” is so true.

I would recommend anyone to look through this remarkable collection.I wonder what will be the images of 2012? I would guess that they will include the range of agony to ecstasy that we see in the Reuters collection… it is what makes living on this planet such an interesting, painful and thrilling experience.


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