What makes a good teacher?

I loved this video. It showed an obviously biased situation of two teachers, one traditional and one progressive, preparing their classrooms, taking the morning register, teaching their pupils and meeting parents.

I understand that it painted the picture of a progressive teacher who is calm, embraces technology and understands how to communicate with potentially difficult parents, is a reflective practitioner who is aware that he is a lead learner who needs to continue to learn for and with his pupils.

The traditional teacher (who was brilliantly acted by the way) was an overbearing, stressed-out timekeeper who thinks she knows it all, shouts at her students and is even prepared to fight with parents (and has a good right hook).

Looking at the video I could see a lot of the problems that I had as a young teacher. I am now aware that I fitted much more into the model of the traditional teacher seen in the video. I am now (having reached retirement) firmly in the camp of the progressive teacher. It has been a journey though and one that is not easy for teachers, particularly in challenging areas with challenging pupils and parents.

What makes a good teacher?  I know which of the two teachers portrayed in the video I would rather be taught by.


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