Dr. Terry Wahls: overcoming MS

I am, as readers of this blog will know only too well, a great fan of TED Talks. The TEDx series of talks has also produced a number of fascinating  talks that would have graced the main TED Talks. I have written about a few of them in my blog and the latest one to have come to my attention is the personal story of a remarkable recovery from being wheelchair bound with Multiple Sclerosis  by a remarkable lady who has a great story to tell.

In the talk Terry Wahls tells us about the way that she used diet as part of the process (along with electro-stimulation) of feeding the Mitochondria that were essential agents in repairing the parts of her brain that had caused her disabilities. In the process of her research she looked to the way that our ancestors lived as hunter-gatherers.They lived on the food they could hunt or forage not the highly processed food that we have today.

With her body beginning to decline because of the ravages of MS, Dr Wahls started a new diet based on the hunter-gatherer diet, of vegetables and nuts, berries and roots with certain foods playing a key part in providing essential chemicals that our Mitochondria needs to thrive and help our brain cells stay healthy and indeed grow. She went from being wheelchair bound and the possibility of having to give up her position at the University of Iowa as a clinical physician to being able to ride a bicycle to work and stand and deliver the TEDx Talk that you can see above.

I am not saying that I am 100 per cent convinced that her recovery was due to her change of diet. I do think that her argument about the dangers of our current diet are very powerful though and deserve consideration. I have for a long time been concerned about the diet that many of our children have and the way that this may be effecting their brains.

To  learn more about Dr Terry Wahls see her website



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