How the Welsh are embracing digital technology in schools

My usual source of information these days, Google Plus, had the following post on my timeline:

Eric Sheninger  –  12:30  –  Public

Children could be allowed to bring their own computers into school as part of a “digital transformation” of the Welsh classroom.

The report is called “Find it, make it,use it, share it: learning in digital Wales“.

The review  was chaired by Janet Hayward, headteacher of Cadoxton Primary School in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

It says a public body would establish a national online library of resources, software and training materials, in both English and Welsh.

It also recommends more support and training for teachers in how to use the kind of handheld technology now common in everyday life.

It concludes that “the use of digital technologies and resources needs to change from being sporadic and patchy to being ubiquitous and taken for granted in education throughout Wales”.

I feel that this report is an important one in that it states that the digital revolution, which is such a key part of the out of school life of so many pupils in our schools, should be allowed to enter our schools and become a key aspect of how pupils are able to learn.

It is very much against the way that most schools at present choose to keep the use of digital technology to a minimum, often as if it doesn’t exist.

Many of the points made in the review about the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook will be contentious.. but it is so refreshing to see an education system that is willing to grasp the nettle of how digital technology has transformed our world, of the key part that it can play in children’s learning and communications with each other and of the necessity of digital proficiency to be a key skill in getting employment now and in the future.

I would strongly recommend reading the report and would like to see a similar approach here in my part of the U.K., namely England.



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