Why I don’t like quotients

I have just read an article that mentioned the dreaded I.Q. and then, for good measure put in two more measures the P.Q. (Physical quotient) and EQ (Emotional quotient).

Now I have spent many years abhorring the idea that intelligence can be measured by a series of silly tasks and that the result of these tests can determine your whole future and lo and behold two new “quotients” turn up.

Now I am not against the idea that emotional and physical interests are important in education. But to actually develop a test to see just where you lie on some invented scale… no way!

Where will it all end?

Maybe we should develop a T.S.Q. for technological skill.

A V.G.S.Q. for video gaming skill.

What about a S.A.A.D.N.Q. to determine where you lie on the Sitting Around and Doing Nothing scale?

It reminds me so much of the probable misquote of Albert Einstein “Not everything that counts can be measured. Not everything that can be measured counts.”  I  couldn’t have put it better myself but then again I don’t have Einstein’s I.Q. or is it R.G.Q. (Relativity Genius Quotient).



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