A Test for testers, politicians and journalists

This test is to be taken in a stuffy room in the height of summer at a desk with an invigilator walking around you and sending you nervous vibes.The clock will be ticking away at what seems like an ever increasing pace and that sound that you hear is your heart beating rather faster than usual.

You will need to read the questions carefully and remember that you need to pace yourself so as not to leave too little time at the end of the test.

On the basis of this test lies your future, the pride of your family but don’t worry, if you pass with flying colours you can bring in that bribe that you were promised!

Remember to put your hand up if you wish to go to the toilet. Don’t cheat or the wrath of all time will descend upon you like a fiery dragon from clear skies. (Try not to use flowery language this is a test not a free writing exercise!).

The test has the following questions.

(1) What is the value of tests?

(2) What do they tell us about your abilities and talents?

(3) Do you think that there can be another way to show what you can do?

(4) Will they laugh at the idea of this test (or any other)  in the future?

Please note legible handwriting (no word processors allowed) untidy but brilliant presentation will be penalised.


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