The inevitable progress of mobile devices in education

I have just downloaded a  new publication from the excellent Edutopia organisation. The publication is called “Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know“.

The guide shows just how little has been done in American schools to allow students to bring in devices such as cell phones and iPads that are very much a part of their everyday life out of school.

They give some excellent links to some brilliant Apps and sites for students of all ages.These just go to show how potentially  powerful the access to these sites can be for students.

It is interesting to note that “many schools don’t allow cell phones and the like. New York City schools, for example, have prohibited students from bringing cell phones, or electronic devices in general, to class. According to a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report, “Turning on Mobile Learning in North America” (, “only Illinois and New Hampshire have implemented state-level initiatives that focus on mobile learning.”

But they are all fighting against a tide that will eventually overwhelm them! To try and ignore the devices is ridiculous to many of us. I am only too aware about the interest of allowing mobile phones into school due to the fact that my most popular post ever has been the following:

10 reasons we should allow mobile phones into schools « Malcolm…/10reasonsweshouldallowmobilephonesinShare

27 Aug 2010 – They are powerful tools 2. They are easy to use 3. The children do not need to be trained in their use they know it already…. they can show you!

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This is the number 1 on the Google search on “reasons to allow mobile phones into schools”.
I would strongly recommend that you download the Edutopia publication. If you haven’t yet looked at their site then it is well worth a look at as a guide to 21st century education in general. They are particularly strong on Project Based Learning.
If you have the time why not give my “10 Reasons” a read. I would welcome any comments on that post or this.



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