Stand Up To Cancer

This Friday on Channel 4, here in Britain, there will be a fundraising programme in support of the  Stand Up To Cancer Campaign.

I  wanted to write a post to support this because it is one way that I can have some influence in combatting an illness that will effect 1 in 3 people in their lifetime. It was the illness that my mother died of and is the reason why I contribute a monthly sum to the main beneficiary of this Friday’s fundraising Cancer Research U.K.

I could write many many words about this most horrible of diseases. I could say that we are getting on top of it and that it may be possible that, one day in the not too distant future, it will disappear from our human world forever. I don’t think that it would have the impact on you as one video which you can watch below.

The video is about a three year old boy called Ronan Thompson who was : ” a strong, brave, funny, smart, spicy, fearless, innocent, carefree, inspiring, sparkly, silly, soulful, bold, courageous, proud, powerful, and  beautiful little boy. He was 3-years old when he passed away from Neuroblastoma, a form of Childhood Cancer.”

Taylor Swift, the famous singer, composed and performed a song about Ronan… it is all I need to convince you to support this most worthy cause on Friday. Let’s all “Stand Up To Cancer”.



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