The passion for learning

I received the following posting on my Facebook newsfeed:

Alec Couros and Andrew Marcinek shared a link.
Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T.

15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering wizard living in Sierra Leon who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators…

  • Alec Couros shared a link.
  • this is innovation. this is learning.

    I have changed the type and emphasis on Andrew’s  comment. The thing that struck me in watching this video was the passion to learn and to use learning in order to improve the lives of people living in Sierra Leon, one of the poorest countries in the world.

    The fact that Kelvin used waste materials to construct electronic objects was a minor miracle in itself. He reminds me so much of William Kamkwamba, whose story I wrote about in one of my earlier posts.

    There is so much potential in this world that we have not tapped because there are children who have no access to formal education. Many of these children get lucky by finding some place where they can get access to information that allows them to develop their skills, often without any real formal education. I am reminded of the working class heroes of the early industrial revolution in my country (the U.K.). Many of these “engineers” had little or no formal education but were able to use their passion to learn and to experiment to make things that could be useful to their community.

    Kelvin is just one of many who can help their own countries to find a way out of poverty. They can also add to the developments that we human beings have made and maybe help us find solutions to some of the more pressing problems that threaten the existence of our species.



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