Why the paper airplane solution is so important to America’s future

I was searching the internet for material for a forthcoming blog post on the crucial importance of creativity for all our futures.  I came across the above video by Michael McMillan. It shows just why the United States has always led the world in innovation and technological progress.

It seems strange to me to see how a country that can give us Disney, Star Wars and the iPad and is the envy of countries like China who are trying to emulate its innovative skills has decided to go back to a form of education that actually stifles creativity and gives children the questions instead of allowing them to frame questions for themselves.

Just before I began to write this post I scanned Twitter and found the following tweet:


Will the Common Core Standards Reduce Time for Literature?http://wp.me/p2odLa-3bI  via @DianeRavitch

On Facebook I found the following photo:




The strength of the U.S.A. is shown in the first few moments of the video…to get a man to the Moon within the decade of the 60’s following President Kennedy’s call is nothing short of stunning by any standards. The thinking behind all of this was exemplified by the problem solving shown by the child who goes last in the paper airplane test!


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