90 percent of what we teach is a waste of time!

The title of this post is a direct quote from an interview with Professor David Perkins (Harvard University School Of Education) in the following video:

This video is one of a number of really good interviews with leading thinkers on education which goes under the umbrella title of “Interviews Concerning the Future of  Understanding”.

Perkins is very scathing about the curriculum and how resistant it can be to the key things that children will need in our ever changing world. He feels that the world of distinct subjects in silos goes against the needs  of an uncertain future that demands skills of imagination, improvisation and cross-curricular connection.

The key phrase that he uses at the end of the interview should be in the minds of any of us planning for the future of education… we are”preparing for the unknown”, we don’t have the answers we need citizens who can frame the right questions.


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