The dark side of our digital age

I saw two very different but interesting takes on the things that might happen if we are not careful.

There first video is about the last bookshop left in Britain. It is discovered by a young schoolboy who has grown up in a world where he never knew what a book looked like, felt like or even smelled like.

It is a beautifully crafted and acted film which leaves us wistful  and sad at the demise of such a beautiful human invention as the book. Can we really  be creating a world where they disappear forever?

The second is a mock documentary called “The Internet: A warning from history” about a world which has been totally transformed by the effects of the net. It is funny but underlying the laughs are the closed stores, the death of the countryside and the change to a world where people live only on “the net”. It makes us think, as does the bookshop video about just where we are heading with our ever-improving and powerful digital technology.

I see the power and potential of our digital revolution but I also fear the possibility of just what we may lose in the process. This post has been written to contribute to the much needed discussion about our future.


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