BBC News – Young people ‘prefer to read on screen’

This article raises a number of questions for me.

(1) What are the implications of comfort with reading from a screen on a school system that still promotes books and magazines?

(2) Is the ability of tablets to widen  the reading experience ( by the ability to electronically underline, highlight, share and reference quotes or seek background)  seen as a means to promote and make literacy more powerful or as a threat to intensive interaction with the text?

(3) How can we relate to the fact that more and more youngsters prefer to get news from an online source and not newspapers and magazines and will the promotion of these media in schools create difficulties for students who may never come across them at home?

(4) Will the gap between boys and girls in terms of preference for the use of printed media widen and what are the implications for schools?

(5) How will these findings effect libraries?

I would be interested for any feedback on these questions or maybe some other questions that the article raises.


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