Watch “ISTE 2013 Closing Keynote, Adam Bellow: You’re Invited to Change the World” on YouTube

This was a brilliant keynote talk by a great teacher and communicator who I am proud to say is very much a part of my Personal Learning Network.
Adam called his talk “You’re invited to change the world” and he stated that it is not just the use of the great and ever-changing powerful technology, it is about the ability of all of us who believe in releasing our students from the shackles of an outdated system to allow them to use the technology to express themselves, to share and communicate and ultimately to change their world and ours.
It was a real “tour De force” using great slides and brilliant use of video from a master of the use of media. It was a very personal talk that explored Adam’s own life and world. Knowing him as I do (as a Facebook friend) I was not surprised to see his kids mentioned and shown so much. There were times when I felt he kept the emotions he felt just at bay and I know that he felt it afterwards.
I would recommend anybody interested in technology in education to watch this video and be inspired. I gave him a standing ovation from my front room here in the U.K.!


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