My “Why Open” videos

Having voiced my concerns about my capacities to shoot two short videos as part of my group’s project in my P2PU Course “Why Open”, I was encouraged by many in the group and by Christina, one of the main organisers of the course, to persevere and try to see what I could achieve.

Well I have now done the videos. They are of the “talking head” variety because I did not have the time or the knowledge to animate, edit or introduce any musical accompaniment. But they kind of work and I am pleased that I was able to make some contribution to my group’s effort.

I discussed one particular e-book, namely “Living Libre”  by Chris Sakkas and used (as I was able to do because he allowed his readers to do anything with his work on a full Libre-Licence) his material to explain just what “Libre” was and how it worked. To learn more see his website “Living Libre“.

Here are the videos. I would welcome any feedback or opinions. I hope to do some more videos in the future and have made it my intention to get the resources I need and to learn how to use these resources effectively.



5 thoughts on “My “Why Open” videos

  1. Hi Malcolm: I’m so sorry for the late reply! I just fell apart as soon as my teaching term started Sept. 3, and I am only now getting to see the last blog posts for Why Open! My fault entirely. I checked around Sept. 5 or 6, and then not afterwards, which was bad on my part.

    I tried to watch the videos, but when I click on them they say that the videos are private. I think you need to change the settings on them on You Tube to make them publicly available, or else we can’t watch them! I promise to watch soon after you make them available, and comment!

    1. Hi Christina,

      I didn’t realise that I needed to adjust the privacy settings. This has now been done. Thanks for the information about the badges. Thank you also for your support throughout the course.
      I learnt a lot and have made some good contacts ( including yourself).

  2. Hi Malcolm: It took me awhile, but I made it back and watched your videos! I like the second one especially, in which you talk about why anyone would want to give their work away for free. It’s really nice to have someone summarize a few points from the book in a clear way, as you do, which can pique people’s interest. Then they might therefore go to the book itself to get more details. It’s nice to have a kind of personal perspective on a book, an introduction that points to what someone finds particularly important, to give one the push needed to go check out the book itself. Nice work on that!

    The only suggestion I have for the videos themselves is that, if you notice, the orientation is tall and narrow. Thus, there is a fair bit of grey space on either side of the videos in the YouTube player. This can happen when one is using a mobile phone in the upright position (I’m not sure if you were doing so, but I do so all the time and later notice that this has happened!). Videos tend to look better when they are in the shorter/wider aspect, which, if you’re using a phone, would mean that the phone would have to be turned to be lengthwise. Just one suggestion for the future!

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thanks for the feedback. You have been really helpful to me on this course. I take note of your points in respect of the video. I will take your suggestions on board.
      As in all things in life, it is part of the learning journey. Thanks for accompanying me on this part of mine. Much appreciated.

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