The Computer Clubhouse


As part of our MOOC “Learning Creative Learning”, we have looked at the role that passion plays in creativity and education.

We were taken on a video tour of the ” Computer Clubhouse” in Boston, which gives an opportunity for children to explore their creative potential in a laid back environment.

I noticed that the adults interact with the children to support not direct, that there is plenty of peer guidance and that, unlike most schools, it allows for children of any age to freely mix with each other.

In many ways it reminded me of the Sudbury Valley School which I have been reading about in a book by Peter Gray called “Free to Learn”.

The atmosphere is great, the resources are available, there is no set curriculum and it is all interest-driven and allows for collaboration and experiential learning. In fact it is a long long way away from the structured, test-driven predominantly single-age-group environments that the children have to put up with in their often under-resourced schools.

The video can be seen here: Enjoy.


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