My album cover design


I am doing a creativity MOOC from Stanford University called “Creativity: Music To My Ears“.
Every week we will be given a creative task. This first week we were asked to design an album cover about our lives.
I started with working out the main theme of my design. I decided it should cover the two parts of the U.K. that I have lived in almost all my life, namely the great city of London where I was born, raised, went to school and left for good at the age of 22. I then lived most of the next 38 years of my life in various locations in the much maligned and misunderstood county of Essex.
I had to find relevant photos to express the essence of each place. The title ” London Boy, Essex Man” was fairly simple to think about but required a download of an Android App for poster design.
I used another Android App, Pixir Express, to arrange the “collage” that would constitute my album cover.
I played around with the sizing and presentation of each section and took out a few pictures that didn’t fit in well to the effect I was looking for.
I am pleased with the final effect and now have to think up what music (actual or original ) I would actually put on the album!
As an exercise in creativity it was thoroughly worthwhile.


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