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The internet is an Aladdin’s Cave of undiscovered gems! I did a search on Bela Guttman, the famous footballer/coach who famously “cursed” his former club Benfica after he was sacked on asking for a pay rise.

This followed the 2014 Europa League final match where Seville beat Benfica on penalties after a 0-0 match. The result was the 8th time since Guttman’s curse that Benfica had played and lost in a major European final.

On looking up Guttman I found a really interesting link to a book by Jonathan Wilson called “Inverting the Pyramid“. This link connected Guttman to a place, Viennese coffeehouses and a time, the 1920’s and 30’s.

This all led to a search on the importance of coffeehouses in intellectual history. I found a really good book about the subject by Marksman Ellis called “The Coffee-House: A Cultural History”.

Which leads me to ” Ma Belle” Coffeehouses. They are a chain of coffeehouses in Kosovo. They have a superb website that does not just extol their own virtues but brings together, in their blog, a collection of great posts on the history of the coffeehouse.

It was a great discovery and I have  already read some really interesting and thought I provoking material as I sipped my midmorning coffee of course!


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