PhotosNormandie: An Online Archive of 3,000+ CC Photos from WWII

As we approach the 70th Anniversary of D-Day (June 6th) I decided to do an internet search on Creative Commons photos available for public use and re-use.

I found this excellent site with over 3000 brilliant photos. Below are two that I found really interesting. I feel that this would be a great, free resource for anyone doing research into a well documented historical event.

The photos are also valuable as a starting point for discussion on the significance of war, the sheer destructiveness of war, the morality of war.

Take a look at this picture:


The image of the child’s doll against the rumbling tank passing the bullet-marked wall with an old poster on it could lead to many interesting discussions. The great thing is that it is free to use courtesy of Photos-Normandie ( which my acknowledgement of fulfills the requirement of the Creative Commons Licence to use).

Here is a picture of the small town of St Germain which shows the devastation of the bombing in the ferocity of the invasion by the Allied Forces:


Aerial photography is a good source of information as it happened in real time as can be seen from the rising cloud of dust as a bomb hits one of the main buildings in the town.

These are just 2 of over 3000 photographs. It is another example  of where the “digital revolution” has opened up so many possibilities for us all.


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