The cartoon that says it all


I love the way that cartoons can capture the essence of a story. The above cartoon says all that needs to be said about the over-hyped World Cup in Brazil where very rich and mostly average-skilled footballers are able to parade their “talent” ( or lack of it) for the World’s media and enhance their commercial viability for selling perfumes, soft drinks or mobile phones.

In front of the stadium made from huge dollar bills lay  the ramshackle hospital and school. This is the reason for the protests you are not allowed to see. For the violence just down the road from the stadium that is brutally dealt with by the toughest policemen that can be used ( maybe they took lessons from China or Turkey).

The circus that is the Fifa World Cup will leave town. Many of the stadia will become unused white elephants. The ramshackle schools and hospitals will remain as the media moves on and the world forgets the real problems of poverty, crime and lack of education in Brazil.


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