The need to keep learning

The above link is to an article that discusses the recent findings of neuroscience that the brain can still grow synaptic links well into old age. This conflicts with the older “wisdom” that brain cells die off as you get older, thus decreasing the potential to think and learn.

If the new findings are correct and there is much evidence to show brain scans of firing neurons and the birth of new connections in our brain, then we can combat the “slow death of the brain” by keeping on learning.

The author suggests we could learn a new language, learn a musical instrument or even write with our “non-writing” hand. I would add that we could extend our learning by taking one of the many MOOCs that are available today. You could get involved with local issues or become a volunteer or join the ever-growing numbers of “Makers” and just build something, anything.

I would of course, highly recommend writing blog posts. I am on post number 623 and counting. I still enjoy the research for each post notwithstanding the actual creative process of writing.

The message is simple, as you age, keep learning. The body may wither, don`t let the brain fade away!


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