Life as a left-hander


The poorly written piece above was written by me this morning. If you are finding it hard to deciper the scrawl here is a transcript:

                                         The left hand
Today I will be attempting to write with my left hand. What do I notice? The difficulties of  my pen appearing  to hide what I have just written.
I now know why left-handed people often write with the page slanted.
This has been a really good learning experience. I can begin to remember my difficulties as  child when trying to learn to write.
I haven`t discussed the strangeness of the feel of the pen in my hand. I lack confidence and my lack of grip can clearly be seen. I have the advantage on a child learning to write. I am not hindered by by spelling or vocabulary. I know what I want to write, the physical difficulties got in the way!
Interestingly, I do not find any problems deciphering my writing though someone reading this probably will.

I  attempted this exercise for two reasons. In my last post I discussed brain plasticity and the need to  exercise the mind as we grow older in order to  grow new connections in our brain and not allow our brain to shrink before it dies.

The article I referenced suggested a number of things to try such as learning a foreign language, learning to play a musical instrument or writing with the other hand to the one you have used throughout your life.

I chose the last task because it was comparatively easy to start. All I needed was a notepad and my pen and the courage to start. I also had another reason  I am the child of two left-handed parents and have a left-handed brother.

As I stated in my transcipt, it was a really good learning experience. I have taken the first steps and deliberately chose to use a notepad because I can see my progress from my first effort. Hopefully my skills will imrove as my brain works to make me more efficient in my persuit. I can, at the same time, get to know how the world feels as a left-handed writer. I can also improve my brain`s capacity at the same time or so the findings say.

Watch this space, I will report on my progress


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