Selma: the next 50 years


As a commentary on a significant historical event, I found Congressman John Lewis’ series of Tweets and photos about his recollection of the famous Selma March (see link above) very compelling reading.

I have always been interested in the Civil Rights  Movement of the 60’s having seen the events from the safety of an armchair as a white boy living in a foreign land ( the U.K.).

Throughout my life I have continued to follow the “progress” of the fight for black people to get the chances to contribute to their society that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke so eloquently and emotionally about in his great speeches.

I have placed the word progress in the above-paragraph in inverted commas because a half century after the events of Selma, so little has changed for so many and there is an argument that things are getting worse.

The commentary on Selma is about the memory of a significant historical event but also helps us to see that Dr. King’s fight is not over and that more, much more still needs to be done if anything is to improve in the next 50 years!



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