The need for sleep and other issues

In the above video Dr Dan Siegel discusses the effect on your brain when using tablets or smart phones late at night.

I feel that his warnings about the dangers of our “digital lifestyle” are not getting through.

Put very simply we need sleep for a reasonable period, say seven hours, in order for the toxins in our minds to be destroyed or dissipated.

This need for sleep was a major part of an excellent book I read recently, “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington. She wrote the book following a collapse in her home during a period of her life where she lived to work and was constantly connected and got about three hours of sleep a night.

She has become, to quote her, a “Sleep Evangelist” trying to get people to realise that we can’t continue the punishing lifestyle that we have created for ourselves.

She goes into other areas of change of lifestyle, including the need to turn off our machines as often as we can and appreciate real human interaction with important people that we know and love and not numerous “virtual friends” who we do not really know.

She discusses the need to focus on the present and not regret the past or live with numerous plans for the future.

It all seems to be common sense to me but I have stepped off the treadmill following my retirement and can appreciate the need for these things when I am not in the middle of trying to get material advancement in order to keep up with everyone else.

If you are still on the treadmill then I would advise you to spend a few hours of your time reading Arianna Huffington’s book. It may transform your life!


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