Why I voted


Yes, I know. The election is upon us after six weeks of to-and-fro negativity. The whole process has been called as a “non result” before it began.

If you live in a constituency such as the one I live in, the result is pretty much a foregone conclusion. My vote will not count under the present “First Past the Post” system.

I have just voted in the local Community Centre where local government employees are earning a little extra cash checking my polling card and handing me my voting slip. I make my way to the flimsy polling booth and then fold my wasted vote and place it in the black ballot box with a smile on my face which is duly reciprocated by the clerk in the seat opposite.

Why did I bother? The picture below says it all! I vote because I can do so. I do not live in a country where I have no opportunity to vote. I did not have to protest in Tianamen Square. I did not stand in front of a tank and later die to get the chance to do what was so boringly comfortable to do in our local Community Centre just a short while ago!


Yes we will get Muppets as our next Government but at least we have the right and the opportunity to vote them in!


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