My 10 rules for lifetime learning

1. Follow your interests not what you think would be desirable.

2. Understand that fishing in an ocean of knowledge you will be lucky to land just a few good fishes. Be realistic in what you can learn in your limited lifetime.

3. Enjoy the experience. Learning should be fun not an onerous task.

4. Develop a “crap detector” ( to quote Howard Rhinegold). There is a lot of rubbish that you will encounter.

5. Do not become a “dedicated follower of fashion”. Stay on your path and find your own truths.

6. Use different media. There are many sources of knowledge out there. I particularly like video and audio information.

7. Learn to search effectively. Never just take the top 10 findings in a Google search.

8. Share your information with others.Learning need not and should not be an isolated venture.

9. Remember there is always something new on the horizon.

Be prepared to reflect and change your perspective.

10. Last but not least:

remember learning is a journey do not aim for a destination just enjoy the ride!