Why we need environmentalists


The picture above is typical of the spin that we have been getting since the ascendency of Donald Trump to the White House, of the supposed “threat” of environmentalists to our freedom.

The questions that  immediately sprung to my mind on seeing this picture were:

(1) On what basis did this adviser make the statement that he did?

(2) Whose freedom was he referring to?

I did some internet research and discovered the following:

The “Adviser” was Myron Ebell. He has come into the Trump administration from working for the Libertarian Think Tank “The Competitive Enterprise Institute”. As can be seen from below he has been busy recently including making a reasonably unpublicised visit to Number 10 Downing Street to discuss the Trump administration’s views on the dangers of climate change experts alarmist views and their effect on world trade and of course the “special relationship” (and future trade deals) with Britain following Brexit. It appears that Mrs May was too busy to actually meet him!


environment 2

I found the following profile on Mr Ebell from the Competitive Enterprise Institute website:

environment 4

Further research into the educational credentials of Mr Ebell to dismiss the scientists warnings about the threat to our planet of global warming show that this was his educational background:



environment 5

Ebell, as can be seen from above is a political scientist and historian. I can make similar claims myself to this educational background. I do not though feel that I have the knowledge or ability to take issue with scientists who have looked deeply into the subject of climate change.

This brings me to the second question that came to my mind when looking at the initial photograph. Whose freedom?

Mr Ebell’s past employees at the Competitive Enterprise Institute are funded by various industrial organisations, including a large contribution from the energy giant Exxon Mobile (whose CEO, Rex Tillerson has just left to become the new Secretary of State in the Trump administration).

Ebell has been going on for years about the freedom of organisations such as Exxon to continue to find and exploit energy despite the cost to the environment.By denying climate change it gives these organisations “freedom” to continue to put profit before environment and has no concern about the future of the planet and its inhabitants.

So my answer to Mr Ebell is that we do need environmentalists because if they are silenced the consequences for our planet, in my opinion, does not bear thinking about.


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