Slaves to technology


My wife recently posted a video on her Facebook group that was entitled “Have we become slaves to technology?”.

The picture above is one of a number of chilling cartoons depicted in the video. One of the  biggest changes of our “always online” society is that people actually go to bed with their mobile phone on and waiting next to them, because you never know how important that email or text can be that arrives at 3 O’ Clock in the morning!


Old and young are now living their lives around the technology. In the pictures above we see why there is so much concern about the lack of physical exercise that can have real implications to our health. I loved the depiction of the man become rooted to his armchair as he uses his remote to flick through the numerous channels transmitting 24 hour mediocrity.

The other photo of the child in the park alone with his football whilst all around him are children sitting on benches texting or using Twitter or Facebook, is particularly worrying. We live in times where childhood obesity has become a national concern and yet we seem powerless to prevent the decline in children’s active participation in physical activities, particularly after the age of 10.


The daily commute in the bus or train has given us scenes such as the cartoon above. Everyone is on their tablet or phone and is immersed in their silo of continuous communication. They seem unaware of who is sitting next to them, they are switched off from their own immediate reality and are only aware of their virtual existence. This is exemplified brilliantly in the cartoon below where we live inside the prisons of our own mobile phones!


Even eating our meals has become a process of having to have the phone, laptop or tablet open whilst we eat whatever is on our plate ignoring our own partner who is similarly immersed in the net and both are totally unconcerned about the food they are actually eating.


Perhaps the most worrying thing to me is exemplified in this next cartoon. It shows the death of literature, killed by the tweets, the texts, the Facebook entries and the Instagram’s (each nail in the coffin bears the ubiquitous symbols of the new media titans).


The question that the video asked was “Are we becoming slaves to technology?” This last cartoon I think answers that question.



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